NY-Based Marketing Consultant - Advising startups on branding and marketing strategies customized to their unique niche, Content Developer - Creating long-form content, social copy, press materials, & social media content strategies to promote brand awareness, and Software Developer.




As a Web Development Intern

“Nadia’s work as a Web Development Intern displayed her front-end development skills, which is a great complement to her marketing & communications skill set. She was extremely thorough in her analyses and recommendations, professional in her outreach, and quite organized given the multiple priorities she had to balance. My lack of capacity to provide more oversight did not derail her from taking initiative on tasks.” ~Cris Mercado, Founder, GrantAnswers


As a Film Reviewer

“Nadia’s review of my film, Distortion: A Social Media Story, resulted in a considerable uptick in traffic to the film’s page and helped generate sales and buzz for the project. Her review was candid and honest, thoughtful and poignant, and above all, fair. Nadia is an excellent writer and her ability to cut through the clutter and zero in on complex themes and concepts serves her well.” ~Javier Espinoza, Founder, Dot Five Films

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As a Marketing Consultant

"We consulted with Nadia when our game was at a very early stage. She was proactive and provided us with insight into strategies we could use to market it. This helped us hone in on its monetizable core and structure the game to increase its marketing potential” ~ DLGBRO, Brooklyn-based Indie Gaming Company


As a Content Writer

“Because of Nadia's interview with me for Black Girl Nerds, the host of an anime and hip-hop panel at AnimeFest (A show created by New York Comic Con & Anime Expo) invited me to be a panelist. She stumbled upon that interview when she googled 'black woman anime hip-hop' and thought I'd be a great fit based on that piece alone!” ~ThaGataNegrra, Indie Hip Hop Artist, New Jersey


As a Digital Content Manager

“Nadia has been instrumental to the team. Her persistent dedication and work ethic is only shadowed by her unbelievable skill and talent for design & branding. She consistently goes above and beyond on any deliverable assigned, producing rapid-turnaround on tasks that others with equivalent experience took several weeks to do, and is extremely communicative throughout the process...But more than anything, she's such a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team she's on. I'm thankful to have the privilege of working with such a creative professional.” ~Samia Lemfadli, Founder, The Urban Wild